I’m a Digital Product Designer with 7 years experience

Specialising Hospitality & Retail, with a strong focus in UX Strategy, Conversion & Engagement and Design Systems. Enabling businesses to deliver great, successful user-centric solutions that scale as the business grows.
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About Me

I'm Guy Wellesley

An award winning Digital Product Designer with 7 years experience and a proven track record at designing great products and websites, that are easy to use, attract new customers & increase engagement. Ultimately reducing churn and enabling businesses to scale through good design.

The key areas I focus in to enable businesses through design are...
  • Developing a research led UX Strategy that aligns focus & enables decision making.
  • Optimising Conversion & Engagement to turn customers into product evangelists.
  • Creating & maintaining Design Systems to efficiently build a cohesive experience.
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New York Design Award

Achieved for work on the Epos Now
feature Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)

View some of the projects i’ve worked on

An engaging online ordering experience

Building engagement and increasing retention by gamifying tips and integrating loyalty & rewards into the ordering experience for an online ordering platform targeting quick service restaurants.
Data Analysis, Interaction Design, High Fidelity Prototyping, User Testing
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Open tab and order online in a restaurant

Reimagining the in premise online ordering experience for restaurants in a post covid world. Allowing customers to open a tab, order throughout their stay and pay when they leave.
Data Analysis, Userflows, Wireframing, High Fidelity Prototyping, User Testing
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Innovating restaurant management

Working again as the sole product designer for another product in the Epos Now ecosystem allowing orders to be displayed and prioritised on a seperate screen in a restaurant kitchen.
User Scenarios, User Flows, UI Design, High Fidelity Prototypes, Web Design
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Designing a web app for PDF contracts & forms

Starting off as Bull Forms then rebranding as Fill, I was hired as the sole designer on this project tasked with optimising the experience of PDF forms. Resulting in an outcome capitalising on a data driven niche, SEO and usability.
Brand & Product Strategy, Wireframing, Low Fidelity Prototypes, UI Design, Web Design
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A POS & AppStore for retail & hospitality

I worked as the sole Product Designer for this product ecosystem, to produce an easy to use POS system and the industries first AppStore. In turn leading to the substantial growth of Epos Now and more importantly several retail & hospitality businesses.
User Scenarios, User Flows, Wireframing, UI Design, High Fidelity Prototypes
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Marketing website for a recruitment app

Hired as the sole designer to work on the marketing website for an innovative recruitment app specialising in the telecommunications industry. In this project I had the unique problem of marketing to 2 audiences.
Web Design, Communication Design
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Brand strategy for an innovative bike tool

After learning about what the niche product was trying to achieve and it’s target audience, I was able to design a brand that helped scale this business from the ground up. It even got all 5 Dragon’s wanting to invest!
Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Packaging Design, Communication Design
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